Six Reasons to Work with a REALTOR When Buying and Selling

By:  Elizabeth Garner and Nicholas Johansen

Sometimes life is easier when we do stuff ourselves, but is that the case in every situation? In short, no. While I'd trust my husband to change my car's brake pads, I'd absolutely not trust him to fix my transmission; In fact, I would seek a car mechanic. The same situation applies to buying and selling properties. It's easy to find your dream home by scouring dozens of listings on Zillow. But when it comes to buying your dream home and selling your current home, that takes an expert.

The home buying and selling process is littered with paperwork -- contracts, addendums, reports, and much more can make your head spin. Your REALTOR's job is to know the ins and outs of all the paperwork and to be able to educate you along the way, so you know what's happening and why. Working with a REALTOR will ensure a seamless process that will get you to the signing table because they have the knowledge and the expertise to assist you from start to finish. 

Secondly, REALTORS have access to a HUGE searchable database. Just imagine having an always up-to-date list of properties and more information than the average person can find online. Your future dream home is a quick email, text, or call away.

REALTORS also have phenomenal negotiation skills. They aim to secure the best possible deal and ensure you get what you want without going outside your means. This also means you don't have to haggle and advocate for yourself. You have someone on your side to fight for the home of your dreams.

REALTORS also know everyone. They are connected and have their finger on the market's pulse at all times. They know lenders, title reps, repair companies, property management, appraisers, and others who can be integral to your deal and make it happen. How many of those types of people are in your circle? 

They also have to follow a strict code of ethics that keeps every deal fair on both sides. They follow all these rules to ensure that they are protected, that you as the client are protected, and that the home buying process goes as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. 

Lastly, your REALTOR will become your parent, data analyst, therapist, and more. They are who you want to reach out to with all your questions, and they will be there for you walking you step by step through the process and making sure you're comfortable, happy, and content with everything from the start to the closing table.

Photo Credit: CHUTTERSNAP & Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

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