RE/MAX Vision Presents Free Pictures with Santa!


By Elizabeth Garner and Nicholas Johansen

For the last five years, owners Maureen and AC Rooker have hosted a fantastic event for the community: Free Pictures with Santa!

AC Rooker is one of the owners at RE/MAX Vision. When asked what inspired him and his wife, Maureen Rooker, to create Free Pictures with Santa, he said, "Well, we used to go to the mall as many others do, but it became too expensive and a hassle." He then chuckled, "So we created the Free Pictures with Santa event, wanting to make taking pictures with Santa Claus more fun and accessible for everyone!"

It's no secret that the Rooker Team has created an incredible event, capturing all the smiles and joy of Hutto and the surrounding communities. Every December, they call Santa Claus to come to town with stuffed animals! This year, Free Pictures with Santa will be on December 4th, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We also spoke to Maureen, RE/MAX Vision's other owner, and asked her what her favorite part of the event is. Instantly brightening up with a smile, she blurted, "The expression on the children's faces when they see Santa. The children's faces light up like magic."

It truly is a magical experience here at RE/MAX Vision during the holidays. The memories made here each year are priceless... just like this event!

Initially overwhelmed with the wonderful things the event contributes to, Mario Perez — the director of business at RE/MAX Vision — said he enjoys "seeing everyone come together, especially those we don't see very often." As a husband and father of two children, Mario also eagerly stated, "I enjoy getting to see all the kids grow and change each year! Children grow up so fast, so it is nice seeing them at Free Pictures with Santa each December."

We also made sure to ask Enrique Jasso what he is looking forward to the most. "I'm looking forward to meeting and connecting with the community," he exclaimed. Enrique is RE/MAX Vision's newest and most passionate REALTOR® and will be blowing up balloons for the little (hopefully not naughty) kiddos this year!

Nicholas Johansen is the IT Manager and assistant at RE/MAX Vision. He will be dawning his elf ears once again, marking his third year being Santa's elf!

Free pictures with Santa started out making family photos more convenient, and it has turned into an absolute staple for the Hutto community.

This year's event will include:

* Free pictures with Santa, printed onsite and emailed

* Cookies and treats for everyone

* Balloons and stuffed animals for the little kiddos

* A Christmas Gift Basket giveaway

* And, of course, holiday spirit

Don't forget, RE/MAX Vision is a drop-off location that takes non-perishable food, drinks, and personal care items to support the Hutto Resource Center/Hutto Food Pantry, so any donations are highly appreciated! RE/MAX Vision will also be supporting the Giocosa Foundation — a foundation that helps match foster children with loving families. If you would like to support this great foundation, stop by RE/MAX Vision to pick an ornament that details the child and their Christmas wish list between November 8th and December 7th off our Christmas Tree!

Be sure to tag Maureen Rooker and RE/MAX Vision on Facebook and Instagram so the Rooker Team can see your beautiful photos! #remaxvisionsanta

PS Don't worry; RE/MAX Vision doesn't keep a naughty list! :)

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