Hutto - Growth & What’s to Come

Hutto City Council made big moves during their meeting on Jan. 5th, 2023. They unanimously approved two big entertainment projects that will result in the expansion of Townwest Commons at Highway 79 and CR 119’s NW corner adding nearly 100,000 sqft of retail and dining for the city of Hutto.

With these agreements now approved Hutto should see the creation of hundreds of full-time and part-time job opportunities as well as a sizable increase in both capital investment and sales tax revenues. 

Details on these projects are still scarce, including the identity of the entertainment company involved, as we are in the beginning stages of the projects. However, with the city of Hutto growing quickly(Hutto population has grown from 14,698 in 2010 to 30,855 in 2021, according to the  U.S. Census Bureau estimates) these projects will provide additional retail and entertainment resources that we have all been craving to see. 

What we do know so far is that the 1st project, currently named “Project NQ2” is set to be developed by Houston-based company Newquest Properties. This project will include current tenants like Walgreens and Dell Children's Medical Center and we’ve heard there are a couple of proposed tenants, Chuy’s and Petco based on the brochure from Newquest. 

The 2nd project on the books has been named “Project V” and this project is set to make Hutto an entertainment destination. Based on the description of the plan we should see a minimum of a 50,000 sqft entertainment facility set to include a movie theater, bowling, gaming, food, and drinks. 

More information is to be released by Hutto City Council during their next meeting on January 19th, 2023 as they are still working out all the details and finalizing plans.  I look forward to hearing more about these two upcoming projects and how we here in Hutto will be benefiting from them. 

 Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

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