Hutto Co-op District: A Project for Hutto's Future

By: Nicholas Johansen

Established in 1937, the Hutto Co-op has been a staple for Hutto, Texas. Back then, the Hutto Co-op served as a common ground for farmers to bring their contents to be processed at the Cotton Gins. The city of Hutto prides itself on maintaining the past while moving forward into the future, and you can see the nod to the past as two of the original silos and one cotton Gin still stands strong in the new phase of the Hutto Co-op – the Hutto Co-op District. 

MA Partners – the developer of the Hutto Co-op District – aims to sustain the explosive growth of Hutto. The 35-acre multi-use  Hutto Co-op District serves as an area that promotes businesses and recreational activities so that Hutto residents can work and play locally. As of February 2022, the Hutto Co-op District is home to Hutto City Hall, the Hutto Public Library, Southside Market, and Top Notch Burgers (currently under construction). Southside Market and Top Notch Burger's location at the Hutto Co-op District marks their third and second location, respectively.

The Hutto Co-op District is ever-growing and changing, and we now have a newly announced yet-to-be-named Mexican restaurant that will be joining the ranks in the Hutto Co-op District at the end of 2022. They expect to have live music, an outdoor patio area, and a bar. I don't know about you, but I am excited to learn more about this upcoming restaurant and what else the Hutto Co-op District will offer in the future.

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